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Clinton & Clinton defends and pursues breach of contract and business tort claims on behalf of many of our clients. These disputes often involve complext factual and legal issues arising out of contracts and transactions based on many different facets of the business world. The attorneys at Clinton & Clinton are skilled in various specialties and are well versed in basic business, corporate and real estate matters. The firm represents a wide range of industrial, financial and commercial enterprises, from small entrepreneurial businesses to international conglomerates. The firm often works with and maintains excellent relationships with other professional organizations, including other law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, lobbyists and governments, in resolving specialized legal questions for our clients.

California courts have expanded the rights of businesses and consumers to recover damages in a commercial setting. This trend has resulted in a significant increase in commercial litigation, particularly in the area of business torts. The firm has prosecuted and defended cases involving the Uniform Commercial Code, breach of contract, antitrust law, tortious interference with contract, unfair competition, theft of trade secrets, bank fraud, and the California Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Commercial disputes tend to involve complex and lengthy discovery. The firm uses the latest developments in technology to organize this extensive discovery in an efficient manner. By integrating technology into our practice, the firm has an advantage throughout the pre-trial and trial stages of these types of cases in that we are able to process voluminous records and present such to the jury in a comprehendible fashion. As such, the firm is ready and eager to present these cases at trial, yet we are always mindful of the business and industry considerations that must be evaluated with the merits of the case.

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